Our Roots

Our roots start from the beginning of the 1950’s when Lambert Henri and Colombe Dugas moved to our current location to cultivate land and raise animals. This wonderful adventure’s beginning was not really based on competitiveness nor the effects of the market on our profits, but on the long hours of work spent in the field to obtain the best quality for our products. Since that time, honesty and quality have been the cornerstones of the products and services offered by our company.

Les Fermes G.N.C Inc., a field vegetables farm, was founded in 1986. The main objective of our president at that time, Gabriel Henri, was to enhance our knowledge about field vegetable production and then promote an increase of our market share. Since that time, we have gained strong recognition within the industry as we have won the bronze medal of the “Ordre du mérite agricole” from the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture in 1998 which underlined our commitment to excellence at all levels of our company.

Proud of all of our accomplishments throughout the years our family is always looking for new trends in the industry to deliver The Freshest Solution to our customers.

We are proud to be members of the following associations: